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Dec 31 14 7:22 AM

Well tonight’s dinner tasted better than it looks. It started out as a veggie soup on Sunday but we ended up having something else so I thicken the soup up and put in the refrigerator to make a veggie pot pie on Monday but we ended up not making/eating it. So here we are on Tuesday eating it as kind of a veggie type stew.
The steam got to my photo.


x_3f857df8 photo x_3f857df8_zps88a318c3.gif

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Dec 31 14 10:06 AM

kchurchill5 wrote:

This is also another really good recipe. http://www.kitchentreaty.com/white-pizza-stuffed-spaghetti-squash/
I have made this twice. One time, I added some spinach; another time, I added some diced grape tomatoes. Really good and easy.
It has a few bread crumbs on top; but, very few
I never posted it myself; but, it is one of have made for the ladies I cook for, and they loved it. It's meat free too; but, you could always add some chicken sausage if you wanted.

This is a lovely photo. Should be in a magazine!

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