Oct 10 14 12:38 AM

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After replying to Word of the Day, which actually has 8 replies, I received double (at least)  email notifications for each reply.
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Nov 10 14 2:18 AM

I only subscribe to 1 thread & it's fairly low-traffic, but I still get the same result as the rest of you.

Have you all seen that most pics are posting doubles as well? There's been discussion about whether this is a Photobucket or Yuku problem, but I have no doubt that problem is a Photobucket issue. I do not have (nor have I ever had) a Photobucket acct. I either use the image codes to post already existing links or I upload photos from my PC to my Yuku photo space to post them. I have not had a single pic double post like so many others have. 

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