Aug 24 14 8:07 AM

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In the porcess of trying to updated Page 1,   I get dumped off 5-10 times everytime I try to update.  I will start over then when I am everything is again ready, hit post and it goes to the log in screen.    I started checking to make sure I was logged in before I posted but it dumped me off again.  After dumping me off numberous times, it shows me the hiccup screen.

I am so frustrated, I haven't cried yet, but my DH has heard lots of swearing.   What is wrong?

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Aug 24 14 8:26 AM

Hi Lynn, try sending Susie a Fun-mail as I recall her posting something about that happening if there was a code error or something like that. Sorry I do not recall were she posted it but I do remember she said a new thread was need when that happened.

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