Aug 1 14 11:19 PM

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I know it's not for everybody but I like it.  Just bought some, along with some rye bread.  Plan to have it with a slice of onion, maybe some mayo.  Who else likes it and how do you like it?
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Aug 1 14 11:26 PM

That's the way my hubby likes it...I will eat it...but he really loves it...his Oma and him would eat tomato and onion slices on buttered rye bread...it's like a real treat for him...he even prepares it himself...I think it brings back memories...:)

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Aug 2 14 7:06 AM

My mother would buy braunchweiger when she could afford it and slice it up for snacking on with cheese and crackers on the weekend and then what ever was leftover was turned into sandwich on sourdough bread with onions and mustard for us kids and horseradish for my father.

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Apr 7 15 4:23 PM

As a legacy of my childhood, I love it! My Mom had to be extremely good at stretching our food $$ while Daddy was in the Phillipines & then after when he was trying to finish his engineering degree. She'd could make a roll of braunschweiger last for quite a while by adding mayo, chopped onion, sweet pickle relish & chopped hard-boiled eggs. I used to believe there was no better way to make a sandwich than to have her mixture slathered on bread. I still drool at the memory. image 

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Apr 8 15 3:30 AM

How could I miss that we had regional forums now??
Just saw this thread and thought I'd pop in.
I think Braunschweiger in the US is different from the one in Germany - it's a kind of liverwurst, right? Here, it's a kind of "Mettwurst" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mettwurst 
Even though I usually don't like pork, I do love Braunschweiger (the German kind). We use to have it with sweet and sour pickled gherkins!

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