Jul 21 14 7:04 PM

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The "Cornbread Issues" thread reminded me of my personal "quest". ... I have always loved cornbread and made it a lot when I lived in the US, but I always relied on boxed mixes (or boxed mixes expanded by a recipe). Now I live in Iceland where I don't have a box-mix option and where cornmeal also cannot be found. BUT I did recently find and buy cornflour. Is there a way I can get from cornflour to cornbread? If there is, I'll be a happy camper ... I'll be able to have the cornbread I crave and I'll send Siggi back to that store to clear the shelf of their cornflour!  image 

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Jul 21 14 7:36 PM

twissis, is polenta available for you? If it is you can while it around in a grinder, blender, processor until it is the proper consistency and use that.  Of course you can always send me your address and I'll send you a care package. 

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Jul 21 14 10:01 PM

As long as the cornflour you found is actually ground corn and not cornstarch, it will work fine. I have a grain mill and I mill popcorn to make cornflour. The only difference between the two is the fineness of the grind. I prefer the finer grind because it has a less gritty mouth feel.

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Jul 22 14 1:30 PM

Well, I'm finally back -- Altho much later than I planned to be. image

1st and foremost -- THANK YOU for your input, but esp for your kind offers to send me what I can't get here. Sadly, that's not an option for reasons only the Icelandic government can explain. Even then I'm not sure I'd understand the rationale. Here's what would happen if you tried ...

Your pkg wouldn't be delivered to me. It would go to the local post office where it would be opened and examined for poss contraband. Then its value would be over-estimated and over-taxed. Then we we'd get a phone call telling us we could come to the post office to claim our pkg by paying the assessed cost plus tax. Essentially it's "held for ransom"! This process applies if they decide the product doesn't compete w/any Icelandic marketed products  .. and .. there is no intent to re-sell the product. If there was any doubt about either of those issues, we'd never get it at all. All that said ...

PaulaG - Polenta is available. image

Donna M - What I bought is cornflour, not cornstarch. imageYou say it will work fine, but what I need is a recipe that will get me from using the cornflour to chowing down on cornbread, even it it changes the texture.

Debbwl - I could order it on-line, but the "delivery process" would be the same. image 

I do have a bit of a back-up plan I can rely on for the short-term. We're having houseguests from Canada for the 1st wk of Sep & I plan to ask them to bring some cornmeal to me (assuming it's available for them). BUT I don't want to abuse them if packing space or luggage weight are issues.

What I really need is a recipe that uses cornflour and gets you cornbread.


Edited to Add: I also can't get sweetened condensed milk, but am told I can make a replacement for that. image

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Jul 23 14 4:06 PM

I love cornbread.  I'm always experimenting with it.  I've added salsa, cheddar cheese and canned creamed corn.   I prefer the sweeter even though someone once told me, the real deal shouldn't have much more than tbls of sugar in a batch!

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Jul 23 14 5:54 PM

twissis, I made corn muffins yesterday using the recipe as a guide.  I did make a few changes like 1 cup of cornflour and 1/4 cup of corn meal.  Reducing the amount of butter to 1/2 c.  The brown sugar was cut to 1/3 c.  Used a gluten free flour blend.  I'm going to write it up in my blog this morning.  They turned out very nice.  Probably some of the best gluten free corn muffins I've made.


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