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DID YOU KNOW … ? is the first of 2 new features for “Member Support” and may well continue to be a “work in progress”. It mainly focuses on snippets of information that will help you to familiarize yourself with FF&F, help you to navigate the site in efficient and time-saving ways and acquaint you with features of the site -- Things like the following in no particular order:

Did you know ... ? - #1

... That
each forum topic has a “Points” button with a small smiling sun on the left side under the topic title? It is a “close relative” of the LIKE option on Facebook. If you click on it, you will be able to see the members who liked that particular thread topic.

... That you can click on Author, Replies, Views and Last Post to reorder how you see the threads under each forum?

... That there is a guideline for inviting new members per Susie D?

“While we are not ready to open membership to the general public, it's more than okay to invite others to join us at Food, Friends, & Fun. If you know someone you think might like to be included, feel free to send them a private email invitation. The more the merrier!

Please do include the following in your private invitations:

Membership really is easy. Click on: http://4foodfriendsandfun.yuku.com/
1. Set up a free yuku account.
2. Look in your personal email for a letter from yuku. This email contains a validation code. --- NOTE: Most who have a problem are not using the yuku validation code. Some are finding the email in their spam folder (depending on their security settings), so check there if any problem is encountered.
3. Attempt to post in any thread at Food, Friends, & Fun. This places you on the pending member list and Susie D will activate your account the next time she is online.”

... That the popular name choice for our new email system was Fun-mail?

... That among other things (like getting acquainted with the Profile Page of a member), there are other ways to get some quick information and make some navigation of the site easier? At the bottom or the main Forum Page from left-to-right ...

1. COMMUNITY STATS gives good general information including the “Registered User Count” which is fun to watch as it grows.
2. ONLINE STATS gives you a list of members online at that point in time. Clicking on “Full List” gives you a linked list to those members for quick view of their Profile Page, quick Fun-mail, etc.
3. POPULAR tells you the most popular/active topics for the day AND the newest community member, although the latter is very slow to update. … INFO LINKS gives you a ton of fun information including a link to the Community Calendar you can check regularly so you stay up-to-date with FF&F activities. … Active Members gives you a list of the most active members (based on posts) and does several things. It can take you DIRECTLY to the Profile Page of members listed, take you DIRECTLY to their last post (no browsing) and it also tells you whether that member is on-line. If they are online, the circle next to the member name will be filled with a dark-blue color. The circle of off-line members will be empty of any color. You will be able to instantly get to their Profile Page or to their last post for a fast reply.

... That 3 sources have been suggested for metric to non-metric conversion (and the alternative) since that option is not “built-in” to our FF&F site? Feel free to add to this list in the Cooking Questions & Answers Forum, and this post will be updated to include your suggestion(s).


--- That if you click on the PANEL tab at the top and toward the right side of the FF&F community page (with the smiling sun), the next screen will have RECENT POSTS highlighted? Click on More or Manage (since either oddly seems to do the same thing) and you will see a summary of YOUR posts. That summary will tell you whether you were the LEAD poster for the topic or whether you were replying to a topic posted by another member. The topics are listed as well as when the posting activity occurred. You will not need to browse thru Forums (or threads) to find your activity. It's listed there for you in date order (newest-to-oldest). You can also go directly to the topic thread from this page as the list of topics is linked for you.

--- That if you are on the Main Forum Page, there is a button close to the upper right-hand corner of the page called "Active Topics"? When you click on it, you will get a summary of the most recent posting activity from among all the forum topics along with the posting members. You do not need to hop from forum-to-forum to look at more complete activity than shown on the Main Forums Page.

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DID YOU KNOW ... ? - #2

... That our user profile pics work exactly the same as they did at RZ and Food.com. I uploaded a new profile pic this morning and went back to check prior topics. They had all changed to my new profile pic.

... That each topic thread has numbered posting boxes. The 1st box is always called the "Lead" and then the numbering begins. In our Quest team thread, we are now at posting box #166 and earlier today I was able to direct a player to information I had posted in posting box #61. I did this without the need to quote the text or repost images, etc. This saves a lot of time and thread space plus it decreases the chance there will be communication errors or errors of omission because something was forgotten. image  

... Or wonder as I did just how the Quest Tour Guides will be able to verify whether (or not) a player has met strict deadlines when quite often a posting box simply says "8 hours ago" for example. Some posting boxes will give the exact posting time, but others are more likely to match the example given. When that happens, just rest your cursor over the "8 hours ago" and the yuku system will display the exact time of that particular post. No need to click, just rest the cursor.  


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