Jul 3 14 9:12 AM

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I figured out how to subscribe to a topic (thanks to the FAQ,) but end up getting an email of each and every new post to subscribed threads.  So everytime anybody posts, I get an email with their entire post in it.  
I am wondering is there an option like the food forums had to just recieve an email that there have been new posts?  I like email, but 20+ messages in an afternoon is a bit much image  
So glad to have forums to participate in though!  image
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Jul 20 14 12:17 AM

I came here looking for the same answer - with the new event happening I'm getting emails while I'm still in the forum telling me someone responded! I don't want to unsubscribe but all in all I think I can't handle all the emails either. If someone figures this out post here - I'll subscribe to this topic! HAHAHA

~Melissa ~ HokiesMom

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Jul 20 14 1:00 AM

Not sure if this is the fix or not, but ----

Click on your profile, then look up at the very top left (next to your log-in name) and you will see three symbols starting with the "house".  Click on the 3rd one that is settings and then choose "notifications".  You can select when you want to receive an email.

Hope this works.


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Jul 20 14 4:40 AM

Thanks Nancy - that just lets you see which topics you are subscribed to.  

I have googled several variations of "email subscription setting options yuku" and it seems that there aren't any other options.  I did see a few other yuku forums where people were asking the same question, but never found an answer.  Either you get an email for EVERY. SINGLE. POST. or you don't get anything.  

At least on the frontpage there is the "Active Topics" button so prolific topics (like the games) will be easy to find without getting emails.  image

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Jul 28 14 3:23 AM

I'm having the same issue. I tamed them a little by creating mail filters and putting each thread into its own folder so it doesn't clutter up my Inbox . that way I can go in and review what I want to, then delete all

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