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Apr 14 17 7:33 PM

TeresaS wrote:

Chef shapeweaver wrote:
I made this on 4/5 in memory of Kim who unexpectedly passed away.


That's so sad...I didn't know she passed away...very kind of you making one of her recipes...thanks for the thought...I'm going to check them out to make one in her honor too...love your photos...

It's so sad. Even though I only knew her from ZAAR,ZAZZ, & FB, she seemed like she was a wonderful
And I know she would love for you to make on of her recipes.
(sorry I didn't get back until now. My link to YUKU was acting wonky.)


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Apr 23 17 4:04 AM

DANG GIRL !!!!image
You've been busy all the food looks just AMAZING !!!image
And being a Southern girl, I can tell by looking at that potato
salad it really rocks.
(sorry I haven't been around. image)


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