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Sep 24 16 11:29 AM

Hi Nif, glad to see you here. You've figured out how to post, so that's good! If you look at the main FF&F page (link below) you will see all the different categories of forums that you can click on to get more options. The link lazy gave you is for cooking games (it is at the top) and she's right, that is where it is at! You can check out each game - you will notice the familiarity. Once you are following a game, you can click on that eye on the left of it and it will take you to the last spot you looked at there. You can also send messages to people from their profile page, and like lazy said everyone is just as friendly as you remember, so you can ask anyone for help.



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Sep 25 16 10:47 AM

LifeIsGood wrote:
Nif! It is so good to see you here! 

Maito, I didn't know that about the eye! That is very handy. Thank you!

I think Susie (?) told me about it. It saves so much scrolling trying to find your last place!


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