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Aug 30 16 10:18 AM

I would first like to thank all of our quest hosts for the tremendous effort putting the quest together.  It was wonderful!  I also want to thank the Pi Rho Maniacs for doing a fantastic job of cooking, posting and completing challenges for the team and a special thanks for our captain, threeovens. who kept track of all of our activity and scored everything.

My two favorite dishes from the tour were made in the same meal from the Bahamas.  http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/main-course/seafood/bahamian-skillet-jerk-shrimp.html by Annacia.  It was so amazingly flavorful, appealing looking, and delicious for the amount of effort and time it took to make it.  The salad was served with http://www.food.com/recipe/island-vinaigrette-372950 by diner 524. The dressing was such a refreshing and tropical tasting compliment to the jerk shrimp dish.  Again, for a recipe that only takes a few minutes to make, there's a lot of flavor.  The two  were perfect together. 




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Aug 30 16 10:30 AM

momaphet wrote:
We ate a lot of great food by these two were our favorite.  Northwest Gal (Vicki!!!) stole our hearts with both of these dishes !

Thank everyone for a great tour!!! 

From Japan - Zucchini Tempura by Northwest Gal 


I'm not one who likes to deep fry and I made this with great trepidation. I made it twice during the quest and I'm making it again tonight!


I love muffins, I love apples, and I've made many variation of the combination, but these muffins were extraordinary, full of lots of spice with a wonderful streusel and great texture!!! 
New York State Apple Muffins by Northwest Gal 


Oh my, I feel so special to receive such accolades twice.  Thank you so much, momaphet.  Both are such excellent recipes, so I'm thrilled you enjoyed them both.  Thank you!


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Aug 31 16 4:50 AM


Sorry for posting so late, but I've just been super busy with work.  And it feels like work trying to choose only 2 favorites.  When I started this tour, I knew next to nothing about Filipino food and not a great deal more about Bahamian cuisine.  It was great learning about them, and learning about cuisines I was familiar with in greater depth.  I also enjoyed our visit to a place where I live and know the cuisine very well - New York!  We've done Texas, the Northwest, Cajun/Creole, Southern, in the past so it was nice to welcome tour mates to this part of the country.  My only regret is that I missed a lot of Round 3, due to being away on vacation.  Next year, I will have to plan my trips with the Quest dates in mind!  I am still making recipes from the Quest, as I hate for it to be over.  I wait all year for it to start, and it seems to be over so quickly!   ​So, after a lot of careful thought, I have chosen my two favorite recipes based on how eye-opening they were for me, and my honorable mentions on overall tasty food. Crisp Watermelon Salad by Lavender Lynn (Japan)


I've always loved watermelon, but never thought in a million years to add vinegar (or sesame seed)@  Wow, what enlightenment this was.  Totally refreshing and delicious, with the vinegar actually enhancing the flavor of the watermelon.  I am a convert!

Clams with Chili and Basil by  momaphet (Thailand)


Clams are another favorite of mine, but I've never had them like this!  It was not easy to find the fresh kafir lime leaves, but I did and it was so worth it!  The flavors are really unique in this dish.  While it was so simple to put together, the flavor was quite complex.  That's what I love about the Quest - trying new ingredients!

Honorable Mention:

Meat Pies with Spicy Portuguese Sauce by LifeIsGood (Azores)


A little bit of work, but so delicious!  The sauce is wonderful!

Miso Cookies by Mikekey (Japan)



While I was very familiar with miso paste, I had never thought of using it in a cookie.  Light and delicate and not overly sweet. 

Baked Lumpia by Mikekey (Philippines)


I had never had lumpia before, nor even made a spring roll (which this is similar too).  I really enjoyed the result!

Mojito Marinade by Lavender Lynn (Bahamas)


Another simple recipe with not a ton of ingredients that packs a lot of flavor. 

Ultimate Chicken Wings with Curry-Lime Butter by Nancy's Pantry



Just flat-out delicious!

I so enjoyed my team and the wonderful effort they put forth!  The hosts are phenomenal, and make it so easy to participate.  I can't thank them enough for devoting so much time and energy to produce such an awesome experience.  I truly, truly do appreciate it.

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Aug 31 16 5:33 AM

As much as we Guides hate to admit it --- THAT'S ALL FOLKS!  image     We'll get these scores transferred to the scorecards and get our winning team announced asap.  You are all winners in our book!   

Thank you sooo much for participating in Culinary Quest -- we hope you had as much fun as we did.  image next year!


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