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Aug 27 16 8:05 AM

Diner524 wrote:

threeovens wrote:
There is one thing.  I've been struggling with the olympic thing.  I can't figure out where to find final positions.  For Tiago Apolonia, I only know he was out before the quarterfinals.  Vassiliki Vougiouka round of 16.  Kirstie Alora lost in the 3rd round.  Andreas Seppi lost in the 2nd round.  Do you think that will be good enough.?

Well I am the worst person to answer this, as I couldn't even find the information to begin with for picking a sport and an athlete, lol!!  I would try asking them in captains thread.  When I tried to research the info on the Portugal table tennis player, I saw his rank was now 17, up from 18,  but then saw that he lost 2 games, but I also saw somewhere (before today) that he won his first game and then lost the second, so I have not a clue.

Page one isn't updated right?  If so, I have a bunch of missing info.

I just threw together the scores, and I get 43 points for Olympic Bingo.   We filled Column 3 (5 pts), Filled Row 4 (5 pts), Yellow Row (2 pts), Lime Row (3 pts), Orange Row (8 pts), Dark Green Row (20 pts) = 43

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Aug 27 16 8:07 AM

Score cardScores: 
yellow on card: 2 points each =  2_ points
1. duo~
2. swimcap:  

3. 20th or below:  Tiago Apolonia
4. under 20:

lime green on card: 3 points each = 3_ points
5. jumping:
6. ocean sport:  

7. sport with net:   Andreas Seppi
8. wore ribbon: 

orange on card:  4 points each = 8_ points
9. decathalon:
10. Quest country:  Satoru Sasaki, Kirstie Alora

11. transportation:  Emily Morley
12. placed 4th: 

dark green on card: 5 points each = 20_ points

13. over 40: Isabell Werth  (47)
14. weapon: Vasilliki Vougiouka
15. from Brazil:  Arthur Zanetti
16. barefoot:  Michael Phelps, 

TOTAL POINTS FOR SQUARES:          33 points
Bingo Column 3                                5 points
Bingo Row 4 (dark green)                  5 points

GRAND TOTAL:                               43 points

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Aug 27 16 8:54 AM

Okay.  I lied.  Well not really, but luckily I was able to finish the holiday roster at work today, so I am free to work on the team 15 at work tomorrow.  I am only working 4 hours because we can't let a little thing like work interfere with tailgating can we?  Anyway, I am pretty clueless as to what could be good choices for NY, so I'll just close my eyes and point.  Maybe I should let the dog pick.

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Aug 27 16 10:38 PM

image Scores for New York City Challenges

Big Apple Adventures
Σisters of the Traveling Pans .............Score= 12
I H π  .............Score= 12
π P Maniacs .............Score= 12

Your Deli or Mine?
Σisters of the Traveling Pans .............Score= 12
I H π  .............Score= 12
π P Maniacs .............Score= 12

 Waldorf or Wedge; Tale of Two Oscars
Σisters of the Traveling Pans .............Score= 15
I H π  .............Score= 15
π P Maniacs .............Score= 15

Scandals, Tramps, & Thieves
Σisters of the Traveling Pans .............Score= 15
I H π  .............Score= 15
π P Maniacs .............Score= 15

Traveling the world one bite at a time!

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Aug 27 16 10:41 PM

image   GREECE

Pita-Stuff IT!

Σisters of the Traveling Pans - 15 points
 H π - 15 points
π P Maniacs - 15 points

Grill It Up - Greek Style!
Σisters of the Traveling Pans - 15 points
 H π - 15 points
P Maniacs - 15 points

My Big Fat Greek Wedding Feast!
Σisters of the Traveling Pans - 16 points
H π - 16 points

 π P Maniacs - 16 points

Mythical Greek - Kid's Challenge!
Σisters of the Traveling Pans  - 16 points

H π - 13 points
π P Maniacs - 15 points      

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Aug 29 16 3:43 AM

Just out of curiosity...  because Rachel wasn't able to participate in Round 3 due to a natural disaster, will we be penalized during Best of?

Also, has anyone heard from Rachel? I think about her every day, wondering if all is ok and they and their home survived?

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Aug 29 16 4:44 AM

JostLori wrote:
Just out of curiosity...  because Rachel wasn't able to participate in Round 3 due to a natural disaster, will we be penalized during Best of?

Also, has anyone heard from Rachel? I think about her every day, wondering if all is ok and they and their home survived?

Nope. No penalty. This was something totally out of her control. image

Hope she and her family are doing well. image

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Aug 29 16 6:02 AM

Hi Team

I seldom go into Facebook, but just went in and looked at Rachel's page. Looks like their home got hit. So sad. But on the plus side, it also looks like they're all ok, which is the most important thing.

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Aug 29 16 7:16 AM

Make sure when you post your two favorites for this Quest, that you include why those two are your favorites (not just two recipes with links) and from what region they were from!!   I had to go back and edit my post, once I re-read the challenge.

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Aug 29 16 10:58 PM

Diner524, JostLori and ForeverMama,

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for including one of my recipes as your favorites or 'honorable mentions' for this year's Quest.  Every year that we enjoy this event, we have so many wonderful recipes to choose.  So I've always felt it's always nice when others choose my recipe to try.  But it's such a thrill to have one recognized as a favorite.  Thanks for playing the Quest and for choosing one of my recipes as one of your favorites.  



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Aug 30 16 10:28 AM

Team, I posted my Best of the Quest.  It was hard to choose, though.  I had a lot of wonderful meals and adventures making them and sharing them with my family while on the quest with my fellow Pi Rho Maniacs.  We made a great team.  Thanks to all of you who chose to make some of the recipes that I posted.  Lucy, thanks for stepping up to take on the captain duties.  It's a huge commitment of time and effort and we couldn't have done it without you.

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Aug 30 16 9:05 PM

Hi ya'll!  My food game emails go to a separate email account that I haven't checked in a few weeks.  Lori sent me a message on Facebook to see how we are so I decided to pop in and let you know.

We are all safe and dry, staying at my brother in law's house.  I had 14-16" of water in my house, and have spent the last 2 weeks saving what we could and gutting the rest trying to prevent / eliminate mold.  Thanks to gracious friends, family, and strangers we were able to save almost all of our clothes and electronics and most of our books.  We made out a lot better than many of our friends and neighbors - in Livingston Parish (parish = county) 91% of homes / businesses flooded with a large portion loosing everything since many of the areas that flooded are well above the flood plain and there was very little notice to evacuate.   We have a lot of people who have boats or raised utility vehicles locally, so everyone jumped in to help rescue their neighbors and last I heard only 13 people died even though something like 20,000 people were flooded out.  

As of yesterday we finished all the urgent work, and are just waiting for things to fully dry / insurance to come through / contractors to give bids.  It will likely be months before we get back in the house, and I won't be cooking for fun anytime soon, but we are blessed to be safe and have family that we get along well with to stay with.  Thanks for thinking about us, and sorry to have dropped off the team.  Looks like the last round was fun smiley: smile

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Aug 31 16 4:08 AM

I messaged Jackie on fb, hopefully she sees one of our messages.  She is not a big fb user I don't think, although she did post photos during her excursion to California.

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Aug 31 16 4:46 AM

Baby Kato said that there are some wonderful photographers here
I would love to see your photos.
If anyone would like to post your photos in the photo forum,please
feel free to do so.
It's called " Ready,Set, Shoot 2 "


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Aug 31 16 4:47 AM

Sorry, guys, I've just been super busy with work.  And it feels like work trying to choose only 2 favorites.  When I started this tour, I knew next to nothing about Filipino food and not a great deal more about Bahamian cuisine.  It was great learning about them, and learning about cuisines I was familiar with in greater depth.  I also enjoyed our visit to a place where I live and know the cuisine very well - New York!  We've done Texas, the Northwest, Cajun/Creole, Southern, in the past so it was nice to welcome tour mates to this part of the country.  My only regret is that I missed a lot of Round 3, due to being away on vacation.  Next year, I will have to plan my trips with the Quest dates in mind!  I am still making recipes from the Quest, as I hate for it to be over.  I wait all year for it to start, and it seems to be over so quickly!   ​So, after a lot of careful thought, I have chosen my two favorite recipes based on how eye-opening they were for me, and my honorable mentions on overall tasty food. Crisp Watermelon Salad by Lavender Lynn (Japan)


I've always loved watermelon, but never thought in a million years to add vinegar (or sesame seed)@  Wow, what enlightenment this was.  Totally refreshing and delicious, with the vinegar actually enhancing the flavor of the watermelon.  I am a convert!

Clams with Chili and Basil by  momaphet (Thailand)


Clams are another favorite of mine, but I've never had them like this!  It was not easy to find the fresh kafir lime leaves, but I did and it was so worth it!  The flavors are really unique in this dish.  While it was so simple to put together, the flavor was quite complex.  That's what I love about the Quest - trying new ingredients!

Honorable Mention:

Meat Pies with Spicy Portuguese Sauce by LifeIsGood (Azores)

A little bit of work, but so delicious!  The sauce is wonderful!

Miso Cookies by Mikekey (Japan)



While I was very familiar with miso paste, I had never thought of using it in a cookie.  Light and delicate and not overly sweet. 

Baked Lumpia by Mikekey (Philippines)

I had never had lumpia before, nor even made a spring roll (which this is similar too).  I really enjoyed the result!

Mojito Marinade by Lavender Lynn (Bahamas)


Another simple recipe with not a ton of ingredients that packs a lot of flavor. 

Ultimate Chicken Wings with Curry-Lime Butter by Nancy's Pantry



Just flat-out delicious!

I so enjoyed my team and the wonderful effort they put forth!  You guys have been the best and really pulled it together.  I can't wait to see the final scores.
The hosts are phenomenal, and make it so easy to participate.  I can't thank them enough for devoting so much time and energy to produce such an awesome experience.  I truly, truly do appreciate it.


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Sep 1 16 7:31 AM


Just wanted to thank our hard working captin and first mate, you two rock!
Also want to say thanks to all my team mates it has been fun being on the same team with you.

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