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May 25 16 1:37 AM

This was our dinner last night.
Ground chicken patties which I dipped in egg/milk then some seasoned flour.
Then fried in a bit of Canola oil(so much for the chicken being healthy image )
Served the chicken on some Sandwich Thin Bread w/mayo. And added a couple
of slices of Roma Tomato and lettuce.


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May 28 16 6:25 PM

Last nite was a games nite at our house -- A "dip & dessert" fest that began w/3 tags & elevated the concept of dbl-dipping to a new height. The dip(s) portion of the menu was made per the recipes, but presented the same .. Using the same plates, same bowls, same dippers, same background, etc. I'll come back later to post the dessert pic, but here are both of the dip(s) pics:

http://www.recipezazz.com/recipe/salmon-dip-14186 by ImPat

http://www.recipezazz.com/recipe/broccoli-salad-dip-18191 by breezermom

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