Feb 8 16 6:20 PM

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Is it just me or has the site been totally wonky for about 2 dys now? I tried posting completions plus pics & everything seems to work okay. Then when I go back to the same thread, the post that showed for me has disappeared. I tried 3 times w/the same result ea time. This is making my crazy ... crazier! Even my coffee can't calm me. I wonder if some Bailey's would help? Can you drink Bailey's when the time still has an am after it?

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Feb 8 16 7:27 PM

I'm having the same issues, so you're not alone!  When I tried to get to our yuku page - it said that it didn't exist anymore. I clicked on my username and then clicked on a recent post of mine & it took me to the site. Strange. And...um...Baileys in coffee sounds really good! image

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