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Jam and preserves are basically the same thing and the terms are often used interchangeably.
Jam is a mixture made of crushed preserved fruit and sugar -- with or without pectin, depending on the pectin content of the fruit. High-pectin fruit will set well once the fruit and sugar have been boiled and pectin is activated. You may need to add pectin to lower-pectin fruit.
The word preserves means fruit that is cooked the same way; the only difference is that the fruit in preserves is often cut into chunks or in some cases whole, whereas jam may have a less chunky texture.
The common fruit/sugar ratio in jam and preserves is 50/50.
Freezer jam is cooked more quickly than conventional jam and stored in the freezer for a fresher fruit taste.

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One of my favorite memories is of the peach and apricot preserves mother used to make. She just cooked down fresh fruit from our trees and kept the preserves in the fridge. So delicious! We'd slather them on everything.

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