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In the early days of the colony the precarious food supplies resulted in a staple diet of meat and cheese, tempered with some vegetables and wheat products. The food was mainly based on English fare, and by 1900, regardless of our long hot summers, the preference for hot meals with plenty of meat persisted.
In fact, Australians were recognised as the greatest meat eaters in the world. Even the middle class rarely ate fresh fruit or salads and Australia's wonderful variety of seafood was largely unrecognised.
A hundred years on and things have really changed and a lot of this change was due to the immigration of so many people from so many countries.  This has resulted in Australia being not only multi cultural but a wonderful combination of delightful dishes.

Here are just a few of the old favorite recipes that are for ever Australia!





Whats your favorite Australian recipe? anything from salads to desserts  do please share.
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Jun 12 15 12:52 AM

just a couple of favorites

I like adding a good tablespoon of drained crushed pineapple to coleslaw, gives it a nice zing

Its very Australian to add mashed up boiled egg to potato salad - totally delightful

 I had forgotten about fairy bread. it might still be on the party menu these days but when my girls were young it was ALWAYS part of an ‘at home’ party and a firm favorite!


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Jun 13 15 8:39 AM

Thanks for this fascinating information that I did not know! I am also interested to know where people emigrated from besides England. Americans have a similar potato salad that we call "deviled egg potato salad". I do not know much about Australian food other than the recipes you have shared over the last couple months, but I have heard of fairy cakes. Are they the same as cupcakes? I looked up lamingtons on wikipedia and boy do they sound delicious!


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Jun 13 15 4:32 PM

Maito, if you click on the fairy bread link - its just buttered sliced bread with lots of hundreds and thousands scattered on top - kids love it as you can imagine!

Regarding people who immigrtated to Australia, there was a large amount of Italians, Greeks and British that moved after the last world war. and believe it or not there are more almost as many Greek people in Melbourne  as in Athens, well so it was said a few years back. but basically they came from all over Europe and because of this Australia became multi cultural. it was not until probably after the Vietmam war that lots of Vietnamese, Cambodians etc started to come over as well.

When Simon and I moved there from Kenya back in 1960's the food was predomently kind of ordinary British - if you know what I mean.  I found it very hard to get spices that we all take for granted these days. We went to work on a farm and all I had for cooking was a wood burning stove - it was a bit of a shock as you can imagine specially as it also gets so very hot!

Australian cuisine now is so diverse and delightful - and a country that is very fond of outdoor life so grilling outdoors and using the barbecue is second place to us all

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Jun 14 15 12:43 PM

How very interesting! I had looked at the fairy bread link to see what it was, and thought, wow, never heard of that! But I was asking about fairy cakes. I think I heard it from Australians, and that they sounded like cupcakes?


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