Jun 4 15 1:34 AM

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I have a recipe request again:  Anyone have any good recipes for egg yolks, besides custard?  

My husband needs to loose 100 lbs, and has been eating a lot of egg whites.  Egg whites cost about 3 times the price of whole eggs, so I have just been separating the whites myself, but am at a loss as to what to do with the yolks.  He has been following this particular meal plan for less than a week, and I already have about 20 yolks.  I hate to waste good food, but can't think of anything besides custard and scrambling them with a few regular eggs for my son.  I have heard that they freeze well, but don't want a freezer full of yolks without purpose though smiley: laugh

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Jun 4 15 9:20 PM

Mayonnaise, pasta carbanara, lemon bars, lemon curd, and Ice cream. You already got the custard
Hollandaise or bernaise sauce; and freezing them.

Lots of cakes, cookies, pudding recipes; but, I don't bake too much

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Jun 6 15 3:43 AM

Hi here,

 to be honest, if you can not use them and your husband has to loose a lot of weight I would think it might be wisest to not use them at all instead of having lots of recpes that he sould not eat

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Jun 9 15 6:43 AM

Well said; unless you or other family eat them ... best to freeze for later dishes he will not be eating.

But, honestly; some eggs are not too bad; unless he was told NO egg yolks.
My ex had to watch; but, I cooked in moderation; and, his blood really went down in the BAD stuff. So, a really good well balanced diet can work.

A nutritionist can be a big help. There are many FREE online too.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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