May 13 15 9:01 AM

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I used to make cheese fondue now and then as a treat, but haven't for a long time. More often now our treat will be chocolate fondue (though not too often). I love angel food cake and fruit dipped in it. This is a lighter version I make, but it still tastes awesome (I also use it to make a lower fat ganache, and surprisingly, it takes almost the same as regular). What kind of fondues do you all like to make, and what do you like to dip in them?


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May 13 15 9:43 AM

I can't eat chocolate unfortunately so that's out. I have made fondue once or twice. This one
I like because it's very easy and doesn't require owning a fondue pot (read below):


I want to buy a fondue pot at one of our local second hand stores. I would see them all the time
when I wasn't looking to purchase one. Now that I want a fondue pot they are nowhere to be found...


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May 13 15 10:28 AM

Since I don't eat too many sweets; I prefer savory. However, I do love a good chocolate fondue. This is my favorite http://www.chow.com/recipes/30661-chocolate-fondue; I change up the liquor according to what else I am having for dinner. You can do hazelnut, orange, raspberry, amaretto, etc.

Of course, serve with all fruits, pretzels, pound or angel food cake ... lots of other dippers too.

Now my favorite is savory.
A good white wine and gruyere
Beer and a mix of cheddars
A white sharp cheddar and dark beer
White wine and a mix of swiss and provolone

I like them all. Some, I will add some minor leaves; and some garlic - but, usually keep it simple.

Dippers ... all the veggies, small boiled new potatoes, bread, ham cubes, chicken, etc. Endless list

Then, I do an oil now and then; usually herb flavored to fry food it. Most often seafood or small pieces of beef because they cook quick. You really need to have an electronic fondue for this to control the heat to get it hot enough. I usually serve a variety of dippers with that. Almost like Japanese cooking.


Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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May 13 15 1:28 PM

Cookgirl, do you transfer it to heated bowls then from the stove? I have never tried it that way, but seems like it would work well enough (like soup, right?).

Kim, the Amaretto and Frangelico sound really good! I'll have to try that. I, too, love Gruyere in savory fondue. Though I have had the hot oil/meat version in a restaurant, I have not attempted to make it at home. But you're right, it is kind of like a Mongolian hot pot, my mom used to make that when we were kids, with broth for cooking the meat and vegetables. She used more of an electric skillet than any kind of fancy equipment.


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May 13 15 7:10 PM

Use copper or stainless when using oils. NOT ceramic. My friend uses his old copper one; but, on a small stand alone burner on the table which works well. But, you can buy the electric fondue pots now too.

The amaretto and chocolate is one of my favorites. And, I love the mix of milk and bittersweet vs all milk, or dark.

I found my electric pot online for 20; and, my older one is the old style; and it works great for chocolate and desserts.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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May 13 15 7:16 PM

I have not tried this ... but, my friend made it and raved about it.
Now, she used some other herbs; but, she said it was delicious. She served it with a variety of bread cubes as well as baby boiled red potatoes

This is another one bookmarked; but, I haven't tried this one. Savory again http://www.acommunaltable.com/champagne-fondue-valentines-day-menu/

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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May 13 15 10:52 PM

Yes. I very gently heat the mixture on the stove top then transfer to a bowl.
You can also heat the bowl or container (if heatproof that is) with very hot water then
pour in the cheese sauce.


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May 14 15 4:34 AM

A catering trick ... Use one of those heat pads for you back, elbow, knee ... You know the kind. Just set the heated bowl on it and wrap the bottom in foil. It keeps it toasty for a few hours.

We do that all the time.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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