May 2 15 7:02 PM

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The Beverage Anyone? Tag Game Invites you to take part in Life is a Fiesta!


Please join us for Our First Cino De Mayo Celebration - On Tuesday May 5th.


We hope that you will enjoy the tastes and smells of Mexico....


For this fun event I will be posting links to any and all Mexican recipes from our players that are currently on page 1, for easy persual. 

Please feel free to post links for ANY types of Cinco De Mayo recipes ... that you would like to make or want to share for this celebration,
they may be from anywhere on the web. 


The only requirement is that you need to be able to leave a review ... you will have the usual 2 weeks to complete your Cinco De Mayo dishes. 

No one will be it on May 5th, you will be choosing recipes that you would like to make... no tagging ... on this day. 

So come on in and choose as many or as few recipes as desired.... Hope you join in the fun...


Link:  Beverage Anyone?  Tag Game - http://4foodfriendsandfun.yuku.com/topic/1304?page=1#.VUU5XvDXuzk


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May 4 15 7:29 PM

Good morning Cookgirl, there will be some recipes posted for the Cinco De Mayo Celebration over at the Beverage Anyone Tag Game... they will be posted tomorrow as it is a one day affair.

You may also bring in any Mexican recipes that you would like to make, from anywhere you want, the only criteria for this day, is that you must be able to leave a review... you could also supply recipe links to any Mexican recipes that you may have that you might want to share with us....that I will place on page 1.

No one will be it...tomorrow only .... people are welcome to bring in recipe links that they want to make or can pick recipes from the list that will be on Page 1.

Hope this helps....image

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May 4 15 9:57 PM

Cookgirl wrote:
Understood now.

By the way, it's 'fiesta' not 'feista'. Looks as if someone's been sipping on margaritas prematurely.


imagemy only defense is that I love tequila.... imagethanks cookgirl.

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