Apr 15 15 3:49 AM

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Greek food is one of my favorites!

The simplicity but high quality of the ingredients and the herbs make these dishes always delicious.
Greek fast food (as giros and suvlaki) are very popular, but the Greek slow food is even better!

My collection: https://artandkitchen.wordpress.com/category/cooking/variety-of-cuisines/greek-recipes/

Todays post: https://artandkitchen.wordpress.com/2015/04/14/kolokythokeftedes-greek-zucchini-and-feta-balls/

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Jun 8 15 3:26 PM

I have two new Greek recipes in my blog!


I'm quite sure that the first one (rose jam) has Turkish oringins and it's vey delicate. The second one is more rustic but delicious as well.


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Jun 12 15 4:07 AM

Maito, I would like to share the cake with all of you as I did with my friends in Greece. I prepared 5 of those small cheesecakes, I was lucky that I found that this worked perfectly with the clay molds of the local yogurt. I though I was working in a bakery! The recipe was what I need: only a few ingredients as during holidays I can't keep too many ingredients at home. I bough a lot of cheese (ricotta similar) some had been enjoyed as salad and the rest transformed in those cakes! The farmer ingredients there are so good!

Joy, thanks, the palates for the cake were a good bargain in the one Euro shop and the towel simply paper; I found they fit perfectly together.
For the jam: in the morning I saw the sun coming into the kitchen and highting the jars and loved the color; I was just coming into the kitchen with second batch of rose petals, in this way I found the inspiration and decided to post the recipe.  Sometimes I need an inspiration for my photos!

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Jun 12 15 11:33 PM

whatever inspiration you get Artandkitchen they are beautiful. those cakes sound lovely too, we are having friends over for dinner and have just thrown together an easy tomato dish

a good couple of glugs of olive oil,
2-3 teaspoons or more of balsamic
1 large purple onion
4-5 big tomatoes
1 tspn of dried oregano,

cut onions thickly and mix everything together - slice the tomatos thickly and mix through - best done a few hours before you need it to get the flavors to merge

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