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Apr 13 15 1:15 PM

I'm with Maito on your father's https://artandkitchen.wordpress.com/2014/07/14/passatelli-italian-bread-and-parmesan-cheese-soup/ recipe. It looks wonderful & would work so well as a light starter for an otherwise heavy Italian meal. You clearly wouldn't need any bread to accompany it, some fresh basil sprinkled on top would be a really nice add & I even have 1 of those old-style potato ricers that looks like it was made in the "Dark Ages". Another advantage for me is that the recipe also appears to be "twissis-proof". I don't think I could screw it up if I tried. Sounds like a make is fated, doesn't it Agent Adriana? image 

Speaking of basil -- I'm excited! We live on the 3rd floor of a condo bldg & have an enclosed balcony where we grill, enjoy our morning coffee in the sun (when the clouds don't obscure it) & we're protected from the elements. I have a "black thumb", so everything I try to grow dies quickly. BUT luckily my "farmer Siggi" has a very talented "green thumb". Everything he plants & cares for lovingly grows like a "field of weeds on a hillside"! About a wk ago, he decided to attempt a sml herb garden. It took him a cpl of dys to get organized, but he planted basil, cilantro & parsley. It's only been a few dys now -- The basil sprouted first. Yesterday the cilantro was "born". The parsley appears to be the "late bloomer" in our herb crop, but maybe by the time I make your father's soup I'll have fresh basil to use. image 

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Apr 14 15 3:08 AM

Thanks Maito and Twissis for you comments about the "passatelli". Yes, this is light and very tasty soup! Lemon zest, nutmeg and Parmesan cheese are so tasty that this is my favorite soup. No bread, this is not necessary. We were used to enjoy this soup for dinner, after the soup some salad and something cold like bread and prosciutto. I don't remember we had another "real dish" (like steak, potatoes,...) after this.

I'm glad for you, that you have a balcony (protected form the elements) and a husband with green thumb! 
Here we had a very warm day, but it's still April and the weather can change. Today I planted some salads in the garden, but for basil it's still too early. I'm living near a city, not in the mountains and here the weather is milder. In any case we can plant basil, tomatoes, peppers and so on only form the beginning of May...after checking the weather forcast! In other case we say that we can plant sensible plant only after the "ice Saints", the last one is the Sophia on 15th of May.

In winter I keep fresh basil in the house. I buy it in the supermarket (quite cheep about 1-2 dollars) and I use the leaves that I need. Sometimes the quality is great and I can keep it for weeks even for month , sometimes it lasts only a few days and it begins to turn gray.  The same for parsley.
With cilantro it's difficult. After seeding it grows too fast, makes flowers and not enough leaves. For this reason I buy cilantro in a Turkish shop where they sell big bunches for reasonable price. I chop it and freeze it.

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Apr 14 15 7:51 AM

Twissis, I have a passatelli press from Italy, but have also used my ricer for it, and it works equally well, if not better (for my small hands, anyway). You can make it as a starter, or how art and kitchen says, the "Italian way" with salad and fruit after, and bread and salumi too, if desired. I have oregano, rosemary, arugula, etc. growing outside in my yard here, but snails are such a problem that basil, cilantro & parsley never last long enough to be eaten (by humans).


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Apr 15 15 4:03 PM

The parsley finally "rose from the soil" yesterday, so now all 3 herbs are growing & "farmer Siggi" is way too happy! Now I just wonder how long it will be B4 we'll be able to brag about our 1st herb harvest. image

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Apr 25 15 9:18 PM

twissis wrote:
The parsley finally "rose from the soil" yesterday, so now all 3 herbs are growing & "farmer Siggi" is way too happy! Now I just wonder how long it will be B4 we'll be able to brag about our 1st herb harvest. image

Sounds great! do post some pictures of your harvest

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Apr 25 15 10:40 PM



My neice is married to an Italian chef and some of the meals that she serves are out of this world - when I ask her for recipes she says its just a bit of this and a bit more of that...... I think she wants to keep the recipes a family secret!






 I can't remember where I got this recipe frpm - its really nice


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May 4 15 11:05 PM

I love Italian food, too!

Here are a few to ponder:

(^^I think this one is more Italian-inspired but what do I know?!)
www.justapinch.com/recipes/side/side-other-side-dish/quinoa-italiano.html?p=26 (could sub arborio for quinoa fyi)

Many, many more posted on that 'other' site but who has time to wade through the uh..., detritus?


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