Apr 5 15 12:21 AM

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Hello chefs,

I have about half a loaf (3-4 cups?) of cubed kalamata bread to use up (left over from fondue night). No idea what to do with it! We are vegetarian so a stuffing doesn't make much sense and we don't like eggs much so neither does a strata. There is too much to make croutons - I'd never use them all in time! If only it was plain bread, than I would be all over a bread pudding but unfortunatley the kalamata olives make it too savory.

Any brilliant ideas/recipes out there? Thanks a ton in advance!
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Apr 5 15 7:37 AM

One puree, and use in soup as a thickener. Or use as a garnish.

Two, coarse chop ... and yes, use as a binder to some veggie dishes. It doesn't have to be a stuffing; but, a nice binder, and some filler. A potato gratin, or a squash dish.

Three, coarse ground makes it a nice topping for a pasta dish; or tossed with the pasta and some cheese.

And, save for company. Great salad toppers.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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