Apr 3 15 8:29 AM

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Welcome to "Ready, Set, Shoot"

In this thread we are inviting everyone to show us what you have made.

Your photos can be of any meal, any recipe or no recipe.

Your photos can be tags or just because you want to take a photo, all are welcome.

The only thing we ask is that you keep all comments positive.

If the poster request advice that is fine, we will be running a learning corner every month were we will working on technique, tips, and helping each other learn and improve. The learning corner will also allow for questions and critiquing.

We would like everyone to come and enjoy this thread camera or not tag or not we open to everyone and invite you to come enjoy.

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Apr 3 15 6:56 PM

Nice forum!

I'll start the pics, with obviously NOT the best pic - this was a quickie snap; but, a good dinner.

Steak sandwich w/creamy cucumber dill salad.
Leftover Mexican steak (just cold), melted provolone, grilled onion, avocado, lettuce; and, a spicy orange, sraracha mayo.


Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Apr 3 15 7:11 PM

Looks very yummy to me, in fact just might still the idea for tonight’s dinner as I have a bag of onions in there that I need to caramelize up.   Oh gush it is only 5 A.M., pre coffee and now hungry for dinner.

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Apr 4 15 7:18 AM

If you see many of my photos deleted, sorry. Photobucket, in the middle of organizing my photos, froze. When I came back in ... 2 folders gone, and over 1000+ pics GONE!

I'm pissed

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Apr 4 15 7:30 AM

Sorry Kim that is the pitts!!
Hope they come back for you.
That kind of scares me as I back all my photos of the grandbaby there.

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Apr 4 15 8:39 PM

Earlier this week I had coconut rice w/cilantro, mint, and scallions. Scallop and shrimp kabobs, squash kabobs; and, a orange salsa.

So, I took the leftover rice w/o cilantro and mint, shrimp, squash; and, made a stir fry. I added onions, mushrooms, and an Asian sauce. But, added a bit of orange and pineapple to the sauce. It was pretty good; and, very quick too.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Apr 4 15 8:42 PM

Looks delicious Deb. I really enjoy mashed cauliflower.

I don't know why I am getting that box saying it isn't there. This was just recently loaded this am; so, I have no idea why it is showing up.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Apr 5 15 7:49 AM

Kim lover your new little hungry cat signature.

The shrimp mixed with yellow and green squash atop rice makes a very seductive photo. Did the orange and pineapple give it a mild sweet and sour flavor?

Had a appatizer lunch with family and they ate the little cucumber flowers I made before I even got one so will make just a few for my snack Sunday and take a photo for you to see what I did.

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Apr 5 15 5:03 PM

Thx Deb. The Asian sauce was my own; and rather than it being too Teriyaki sweet; the orange and pineapple gave it more a citrus flavor vs that sticky teriyaki flavor. I put some red pepper flakes in it too. It went well with the coconut rice.

Cucumber flowers sound interesting. Are they like radish roses ... I made those for a wedding once. What a PIA, lol.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Apr 6 15 6:27 AM

Ok Kim am working on getting you a photo but the fates seem to be against me as I made them again today and my camera was dead image No they are not like radish roses what I did is cut the cucumber into slices and then used a flower shaped cookie cutter to cut the cucumber flower, topped it with a small dollop of soft herbed cheese and then gave it a red center using half a cherry tomato.

Oh that cordon bleu dinner looks like my idea of the perfect romantic dinner. 

imageHi Starrynews did you grow asparagus this year?    

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Apr 7 15 1:18 AM

If you put the flattened chicken and spread with mustard on one side; then, put in a bowl (cereal type of bowl), then top with cheese, ham, cheese; and fold the sides in. Secure with a tooth pic. Dip in egg and coat in bread crumbs and spice. Place that side down and refrigerate for 1 hr. Then bake. This makes a leak proof cordon blue vs rolling. Make sure to use cheese slices.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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Apr 7 15 2:53 AM

Here's something fun that I did yesterday for DH & I to share since there was just the 2 of us.

I call it "Tapas for 2", but it's really from Sue Lau's blog. http://palatablepastime.com/2014/08/19/simple-entertaining-wine-and-tapas/

The wine would be a tapas MUST, but it was just there to make the tapas theme more authentic for the pic as we shared this plate of goodies in the afternoon over coffee. The tapas plate included Gouda & English Cheddar cheese, prosciutto wrapped fresh pineapple & cantaloupe, Bayonne ham slices, red pesto, baguette roll slices & marinated olives w/roasted garlic. It wasn't an ideal day for pics at all. The skies were filled w/clouds & a light rain was falling. Oh well, it is what it is. image 


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Apr 7 15 1:48 PM

kchurchill5 wrote:
Oh those cucumber slices sound so pretty! Perfect for entertaining or a party.



This idea came from a book I have on food decoration & garnishing. It was entered as a recipe on F.com, dedicated to Bergy & this pic is a French Tart creation done after a tag there. FT improved on my prototype I had posted to the recipe. The recipe now "resides" at Zazz & my own creations of it are now loaded there. This is easily done in minutes with 1/2 cucumber, a bit of tomato or red bell pepper & 3-4 small capers. The cute feature of the pic is that the eggs are just props while the "edible cucumber flower" is the recipe. image

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Apr 7 15 7:04 PM

That is so pretty; but I hope that plate is just for one ... I could easily scarf down that. I love deviled eggs. That presentation and pic is just gorgeous!! I am so bad with presentation.
Well done and kudos!

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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