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Jul 5 14 3:27 AM

Wi Gal wrote:
So if I want signature followed by pic- and am looking at adding signature I title it in first box, leave big second body box empty or paste in something, and bottom box where it says signature text I paste something or leave empty? At photobucket do I copy and paste top one where it says EM & IM?

Sorry girls and do want you all to enjoy your holiday but maybe someone is around. Every time I try to test mine I see letters from my copy and pasted photobucket account. 

All I did was, to make a title, then I copied the img URL of my signiture, from Photobucket, into the first box and then saved it. I can't quite remember, but I think I had to save it again in another window. Hope that helps.


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Jul 5 14 3:50 AM

Thanks Lori! Think I have it. I copied and pasted the HTML the one beginning with < symbol. Left text sig box at bottom blank. The older I get the less patient I am. 

x_3f7f527b photo x_3f7f527b.gif

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Jul 5 14 4:32 AM

Cookgirl wrote:
I'm not doing much better.


See signature below.


Hi Cookgirl.

I tried loading your signature and it wouldn't load for me either. You might want to try another signature.  HTH image


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Jul 5 14 7:07 AM

Trying cook girl sig with HTML link the one with < symbol . Like it and promise will delete later. Lie like a rug? Not me.  Copy and paste into middle body box. Love your font choice.

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Jul 5 14 4:03 PM

Out of all of that coding you only need:  i7.photobucket.com/albums/y290/Cookgirl/Cookgirl001/waltographregular_zps2e2655c9.png with the signature app.

Are you clicking on PANEL?
Then the Edit Signature in the right side column? 
When that opens click Open Add Signature at the bottom? 
When the posting box opens do you click on the little photo icon?
Then add from URL?
Then submit?

Adding your signature worked for me. 

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Jul 6 14 1:44 AM

Cookgirl wrote:

My reign of terror begins!!!!!!


Success! Yay! image

The good-bad news is we can each load up to 5 different signatures.  You'll be doing it again.  LOL

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Jul 6 14 2:56 AM

Joyfulcook wrote:
I jsut cant get it right, but I can if I add the link each time myself - got to be an easier way though


 I like your signature. =)

While in the forums look along the top bar you will see PANEL. Click on it.
When the box opens click Edit Signature in the right side column under your name.
When that opens click Add Signature at the bottom.
When the posting box opens click on the little photo icon.
Then click add from URL.
You will need to give it name in the title box and then click on submit at the bottom of the form.  (I have to scroll down to see it.)

Good luck!

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Jul 6 14 11:38 PM

As everyone knows, I tried and tried, I tried loading up the URL from this site that Bev mentioned http://www.gif-mania.net/animated-signatures/shared-figurines.html... which is a great site! it does tell you that you can upload your signature to your photobucket...once that you have completed yourt choice THATS when it worked for me, I downloaded it direct from photobucket once you were in the space for adding your down load here on foodfriendsandfun, there is an icon for picture uploads and your photobucket photos come up.. thanks for everyones help.........

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