Dec 10 14 10:29 PM

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I am also experiencing glitches today... I have posted to all 9 threads in the bevy forum, went back and looked and they have all disappeared...

Then I re-entered the first one and ended up with double posting....so I erased double posting and lost both posts...went ahead and posted articles in each topic only to find after I checked that they are not showing up again... only Anna's posts from 5 days ago are showing...but I posted and so did kchurchill5.

Sorry, I'm lost.... hoping that they will re-show.
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Dec 10 14 10:44 PM

My posting of a drink, took over 45 minutes to show up. It originally showed up; then, disappeared. Then, reappeared.
Many glitches as well today.

Kim ~ Eat, Live, and Love! 

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