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Aug 13 16 1:49 AM

I signed up for the following challenges -

Mythical Greek Kids Challenge (toilet roll project)
Stuff a Pita Challenge

New York City:
Waldorf vs. Wedge
Big Apple Adventure (Wallstreet)


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Aug 13 16 6:32 AM

WOW I'm gone a few days and what busy bees you all were!

If there is still an open spot in Your Deli or Mine I will take it???
I can also do the Waldorf Vs Wedge challenge if it is still open????

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Aug 13 16 6:34 AM

threeovens wrote:
Wow! You guys really jumped on the challenges for this round! Are the recipes that good too? I haven't had a chance to look yet!

For me the challenges are things I like to do and the food isn't Asian or Tropical, so I am so ready for a change in cuisine and the recipes are more to my family's tastes this round.  We lived/live very close to the largest Greek/American population in the USA (Tarpon Springs, FL), so love Greek food and I was born and raised in Ohio, so not that far from NY and like most all of that cuisine.  I will say I was surprised by the recipes for Greece.  I planned to make chicken souvlaki, the Greek rice, tetraziki sauce and the lemon/egg soup for next weekend's meal with my son and his girlfriend, but really no recipes for most of that menu.  So now I am planning to make a NY Cheesecake for our dessert and then make other recipes similar to the ones I had hoped to find.

I still notice that many of the recipes I made for the last regions aren't on page one, hoping you just haven't updated it yet.

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Aug 13 16 9:02 PM

Did you know ~~

The world’s third leading producer of olives, the Greeks have cultivated olive trees since ancient times. Some olive trees planted in the thirteenth century are still producing olives.


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Aug 14 16 1:17 AM

Just reported completion of New York's Scandals, Tramps and Thieves Challenge. Fun!5 minutes ago image

This challenge is complete! That was fun!  Just emailed my answers to Susie...

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Aug 14 16 4:08 AM

Debbwl wrote:
August 13 at 9:37am
 We just evacuated due to flooding, so will not be playing quest or checking in on yuku.

Oh no!!  I saw she posted about the storm and was enjoying it, but I am sure that was before it stalled out on them and all the flooding.  Hopefully they are away and safe!!

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