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Aug 9 16 3:32 AM

threeovens wrote:

Diner524 wrote:

threeovens wrote:

Diner524 wrote:

threeovens wrote:

Diner524 wrote:
Lucy how do you want to work the slide show challenge? I am open to doing whatever is needed.

I'll have to read it again, then we can decide what photos we want to include.  I am working on my pirate challenge.  It was lots of fun.

Love your pirate challenge post, great job!!  To me, one of us searches for the photos and one makes the slide show, does that work?

Sure.  Now which do you prefer to do?  I think a slideshow can be made in Photobucket, but I can't access that from work.

Why don't I take on the slide show part since you can't get on it at work and you get the photos?  But I am open to doing either one!! image

Okay.  I would still need to figure out how to do a slideshow and perhaps I am taking on too much.  I'll get some photos ready.  You're the best.

You wouldn't need to figure out how to do a slideshow, as I would be making the slideshow with the links of the photos.  But now that I have looked further into photos and eco-tours I can just go ahead and do this challenge on my own, I think it would be easiest that way, would be hard to do as a team effort.  So relax and just focus on captain duties, that is a lot to do in itself!!

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Aug 9 16 3:35 AM

ForeverMama wrote:

Reviews are in for the following recipes:

PanNan's: http://www.food.com/recipe/thai-cucumber-and-pineapple-salad-503445. It's Amazing!

Both were also really good!
diner524: http://www.food.com/recipe/breeze-wood-grilled-chicken-bahama-breeze-374042
lazyme: http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/bread/sweet-bread/deluxe-mango-bread.html

Thanks for trying the bahama breeze's grilled chicken!!  So glad you enjoyed it!!image

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Aug 9 16 4:40 AM

Here to report a few completions:

For the Bahamas:  I made and enjoyed Sofie-a-Toast's http://www.food.com/recipe/lizs-morning-glory-muffins-444761

For Thailand/Indonesia:

I made and enjoyed two recipes:



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Aug 9 16 6:33 AM

Gymnastics (Men's rings)---Brazil ---Arthur Zanetti  Qualification 1 Score 15.533 Final Mon Aug 15 (Brazil is Ranked 5 in the Rings)

Rowing (Women's Single Sculls)  --Bahamas --Emily Morley will be in lane 1 Tues. Aug 9

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Aug 9 16 7:35 AM

I've completed the Bahamas Rum Challenge, posted on Page 4 of that thread...image
Team Pi Rho Maniacs

For this rum challenge, I actually made two cocktails - but one doesn't take a very good photograph. Not that I do that great with drinks anyways!  LOL..  However, I've totally enjoyed this cocktail several times over the last week or so!

I've MERP'd   Momaphet's    http://www.food.com/recipe/club-med-bahama-mama-527694   



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Aug 9 16 8:06 AM

For Indonesia I made Art & Kitchen's Tropical Dream Pineapple Shake  image 

I killed my reserved pineapple slice trying to get it on the edge of the cup smiley: roll  I don't know how ya'll get good photos of beverages, they are so hard to photograph.  At least they are using my walk around the yard holding food in one hand and taking a picture with the other photography method. smiley: roll

I have a quick bread from the Bahamas in the oven, and my house smells like the holidays.   

I see a lot of olympic scores posted, did I miss an assignment?  Please let me know if I am supposed to be doing something and missed it.  smiley: smile


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Aug 9 16 8:51 AM

I've completed the Thai Curry Challenge, and posted it on page 2 of the thread.


This was an awesome challenge, as I love curry and have made many Indian curries from scratch and without a "recipe". But Thai curry has so many more elements - this was a challenge and it was FUN!!!

My inspiration was a Thai curry that I had eaten in a really touristy beach restaurant when we lived in Costa Rica. Most of their food was just blah, but their curry dish was simply amazing. I'd always wanted to replicate it, and prior attempts were good but nothing to write home about! This new creation, though, might even be a little better than the inspiration!

I created a green curry with chicken, fish sauce, eggplant, kabocha squash, turmeric, and lemongrass. What really makes this curry special is the use of fresh galangal and kaffir lime leaves. I could tell from the moment they hit the pan that they would make all the difference. I didnt' include the recipe for the green curry paste, because I already have a recipe on Zazz for that.

Here's a link to my recipe:    http://www.justapinch.com/recipes/main-course/other-main-course/thai-green-curry-with-chicken-and-eggplant.html

And now for the prep and final dish!




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Aug 10 16 12:17 AM


We have a couple of deadlines coming up on Thursday 8/11.

7pm CDT - is the cutoff for recipe submissions in the Recipe Depot
11:59pm CDT - is the cutoff for reporting any cooking completions or challenges

Please double check that your completions are posted in two places. Always in your team thread, and also in the appropriate challenge or Welcome thread.

Keep up the good work team!! image


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Aug 10 16 5:05 AM

ForeverMama wrote:

threeovens wrote:

ForeverMama wrote:

Just made twisis: http://www.recipezazz.com/recipe/spicy-mango-frozen-margaritas-24380 for the Fruit Challenge. It's awaiting approval for review and pic. Enjoyed it fully at 1:00 PM on Sunday. I think it's the earliest I've had a cocktail. Bahamas is changing me...... Left a post on the Bahamas thread as well: http://4foodfriendsandfun.yuku.com/topic/1702?page=2#.V5453LgrJdg

Sorry, not leaving pic here as I haven't figured how to do that yet on yuku.

I'll check that you did it right but here are instructions for posting pictures.

You know how to post so when you see this screen click on the picture icon:


Then cut and paste the picture url from off the recipe.  I usually right click and save the picture's address, then I put it on  a text file so that it is easy to cut and paste.  But do it however your computer works:


Hit the OK button and you will get your picture:


Before you post make sure you type whatever you wanted to say.  The correct way to post a completion:

url of first recipe
url of second recipe, etc.

picture, etc.

You also need to post our team's banner.  I've put it in my forum signature, but you can manually post it with your completions.

Let me know if these instructions are not clear and the team will try to explain it better.  Otherwise, I can show you a "cheat" for posting the banner, but it won't let you show off your photos to the rest of us!

Hi Threeovens.  I never did thank you for putting together these instructions for me.  I truly appreciate it! I wanted to post pics last night, but as you know due to the computer stalling with a couple of sites  I gave up.   Is posting the banner much of the same instructions?  


Yeppers, Mama!

The url for the banner is (just take out the "X"):


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Aug 10 16 6:05 AM

JackieOhNo wrote:
Thanks, Lynn, for the good wishes!  

I saw that Andreas Seppi won his match on Saturday in Men's Singles!  

Your welcome, have a blast!!  I lived in Orange County for 5 years back in 1985-1990 before we moved back to Ohio.  I am sure I wouldn't recognize it now!!

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