Aug 2 15 9:35 PM

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Our youngest daughter and her husband were planning on coming across to England to visit us for her 50th birthday the end of September, they have also just become grand parents themselves just a couple of months ago!   for a surprise, our Grand daughters partner has paid for Tayliesha  (grand daughter )and baby son Noah to come across with her mum and dad - four generations in one house, on my we are so excited - its going to be such fun Noah is a real cute looking baby!!

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Sep 15 15 3:15 PM

Noah is a sweetheart Joy! He sure looks like a happy little one. That was a very nice thing your granddaughters significant other did for her. Will he be coming to visit with the family?

Looking forward to hearing how the visit went! xoxoo

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Sep 15 15 5:47 PM

Thanks - under 3 weeks now before they arrive. Dylan could not come as he has to work - he is in his last year of apprentiship with Rio Tinto. he is an extremely nice youngf man, never been without work and adores his family - what more can you ask for!

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